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Overview and Philosophy

For over 40 years Stoker Construction Inc. has been renowned for its building and design excellence. From commercial projects to tennis pavilions to residential luxury homes their reputation of impeccable quality and commitment to their clients has been the defining factor to the success of the company. Stoker Construction prides itself on the strength of client relationships that have been cultivated since the firm was established in 1975. "We don't build homes, we build relationships" is the philosophy of Stoker Construction. This perspective has resulted in an exceptionally high rate of repeat business.


One of the hallmarks of Stoker Construction's successfulness is the attention to details both great and small. They work with their clients well past the completion of the project. Every supplemental need is met from in-depth planning stages to completion. Their highly skilled project team melds design concepts, and their expertise and knowledge to accomplish their clients' project goals in the most efficient way. Cost overruns are nonesuch. Their award-winning innovative designs have been recognized throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond.


Seasonal Services
Supplemental Company Profile

Stoker Construction Inc. is a boutique construction company with 12 employees. The size of the company is based on our desire to provide personalized service to our clients. We are a company who is now developing it's third generation of construction supervisors. The office staff includes a full time AutoCAD draftsman for our construction clients.


The accomplishments of Stoker Construction are many and varied. We have the reputation of being as "fixtures" in the design community. We have remodeled the Clubhouse of Tamarisk Country Club four times; remodeled the same house three times for three consecutive owners and worked for 25% of the 350 members at Tamarisk Country Club.


Prior to his passing, we had a longstanding relationship with Steven Chase and Associates. We were the contractor from the early stages to completion of eight custom homes in Thunderbird Cove as well as remodeling Mr. Chase's personal residence three times.


We have been featured in Golf Magazine, Remodeling Magazine. LA Times Magazine, California Homes, Trends Magazine and in Palm Springs Life Magazine.



For our clients protection and peace of mind, we offer Roof Maintenance Programs on an Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly schedule.


  • Roof drains (check/clean/repair)

  • Light bulbs (replace)

  • Landscape lighting (check/repair)

  • Flat roofs (clean/check for potential leaks)

  • Air conditioning filters (check/replace)

  • Cabinets (adjust doors/drawers)

  • Exterior (check painted surfaces)

  • Water heaters

  • Area drains


Roof Maintenance Program

For our clients protection and peace of mind, we offer Roof Maintenance Programs on an Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly schedule.


  • Check all areas where the roof has any kind of object, such as piping, etc. for cracks or areas of possible leakage.

  • Check all metal caps for loose nails.   Caulk if needed.

  • Check all seams on paper roofs and repair any minor suspect areas.

  • Check all pipe openings and chimneys for rodent and bird proofing.

  • Dispose of debris from trees, etc. 

  • Check all skylights for sealing, cracks, etc.  Caulk any suspect areas.

  • Check, clean and and flush all drains.

  • Alert homeowner of any other noticeable trouble areas.


If you would like your home to be included on our route, please contact Lesa Spencer via email or call our office.

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